“KathyAnn was an excellent therapist/teacher for my child.  I would highly recommend her services.  She is very professional at what she does, but at the same time made it fun for my daughter (she enjoyed and looked forward to every session).  She addressed all of our issues and concerns and we had great progress in her speech and communication.”   — Nicole C.

“KathyAnn is exactly the kind of therapist we needed working with our kids.  She is passionate, energetic, but most importantly she delivered results.  KathyAnn took the time to really listen to our concerns and then designed and implemented effective strategies to help our children learn and progress…. When our second child started showing developmental delays, we were grateful to already know KathyAnn.  She began working with our daughter with great expertise and sensitivity, and once again proved herself as an outstanding interventionist….. KathyAnn is warm and approachable….. She is a blessing to our family.”  — John and Lesley G. 

“Kathy Ann Murray provided speech therapy to both of my boys when they received Early Intervention.  She is extremely professional and reliable; two qualities that are a foundation for her dedication, compassion, playfulness and the years of experience she brings with her.  Kathy Ann worked in my home 11 years ago and we still keep in touch.  Her hard work significantly contributed to accomplishing our goal of having our son mainstreamed.  We will always stay in touch with her and will always feel fortunate that she was able to work with our children.”   — Marianne & Gerry L.

“I had no idea what to expect when I found out my son needed speech therapy.  KathyAnn Murray taught me what to look for in a fantastic speech therapist.  She came prepared with toys and activities to engage my son’s interest and specifically address his learning needs.  After each session, she clearly explained what they worked on during the session and what they would be doing in the next session.  She welcomed questions and concerns.  No matter how resistant my son was, KathyAnn never became angry or frustrated with him.  She always came up with a new idea to redirect him.  I am grateful for the time and care KathyAnn gave to our son.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) she did her job too well!  We will miss her weekly presence in our lives.” — Lisa S.